Meg Makes (June 2012)

Meg Makes (June 2012)

Recipe for Coffee Cup Blonde Brownies cooked in the mircrowave

As someone with an insatiable sweet tooth, I try not to bake cakes or brownies unless I have a plan for sharing them with others.

Otherwise, I'm likely to eat the whole pan. Not healthy, but true. Know your weaknesses, right?

Recipe for Baked Tilapia with Garlic and Lime

Reader Karen Wisegarver sent me this delicious-looking recipe after reading about my experience tasting silver Asian carp yesterday.

My mouth is watering, just reading it:

Recipe for Raspberry Streusel Bars

I regularly give blood (even though I hate it) and I often joke that I do it for the cookies and Hostess cakes.

Visiting the Walldogs in Arcola, with some delicious lunch and good antiquing

Yesterday morning, I was in the mood to do something - and I was trying to convince Rob that we should make something for our house, so I'd have something to write about here this week.

(Seriously, there's nothing like a daily commitment to a blog to keep you motivated.)

Houses of the '20s: a fun look back at illustrations and floor plans

I've been fighting a summer cold over the past several days (I know there are far worse things, but having a cold in the summer is not so fun).

Rob's been sick, too, so we're having a hard time even keeping up with housework, let alone tackle any of the home improvement projects on our to-do list.

A few Fourth of July home decorating ideas

This morning, coworker Christine des Garennes and I were chatting about Fourth of July decorating.

Christine said she's never really decorated for this holiday, but her daugher really wants to try it this year.