Meg Makes (October 2012)

Meg Makes (October 2012)

Three recipes for creepy, kid-friendly Halloween food

I've done absolutely nothing - didn't even decorate - for Halloween this year. Lucky for me, coworker Christine des Garennes made some creepy Halloween foods for her kids and their friends this weekend.

Recipe for homemade graham crackers

I have an odd fascination with making usually-storebought items from scratch, and this recipe reflects that.

I had no idea until this weekend that you could make graham crackers from scratch, but you can. And they're delicious. Much tastier than storebought. I used them in my dessert for a fall-flavored dinner this weekend, but they're not necessarily a fall food.

Choosing Paderno cookware manufactured in Canada

I blogged more than a week ago, asking for suggestions of quality cookware manufactured in the United States, Europe or somewhere comparable.

Recipe for making your own chicken base

I am planning a big Thanksgiving-related cooking fest this weekend (I promise to give you more details soon), and last weekend, I deboned a chicken in preparation.

Alternative uses for old pots, pans and crockpots

As I get closer to bringing home new cookware, my sister asked me what I'd do with the old stuff.

Seeking your favorite Thanksgiving recipes to run on this blog during November

Last November, I had a blast running tons of Thanksgiving recipes, many of them submitted by readers.

Recipe for slow-cooker chicken soup using chicken carcass

I've known for a while that if you make soup or stock with a chicken carcass, the flavor is incredible.

However, I've struggled with making sure there aren't any chicken bones once you cook that sucker down. (A coworker suggested a mesh strainer, but we don't have one.)