Meg Makes (October 2012)

Meg Makes (October 2012)

Recipe for delicious homemade waffles that freeze and reheat well

A week or so ago, Rob really wanted to go out to breakfast, but I had my heart set on spending our Saturday morning DIYing in my grubbiest clothes.

Our compromise: I would make him waffles without any whole-wheat flour. Ahh, marriage. I didn't even bother asking if I could include ground flax.

Pickling green tomatoes, or how we made tomolives

I am a tomato-lover, so I have to admit, I'm sad that rainfall picked up this autumn right as the days got shorter and cooler.

Our tomato plants are now incredibly happy, bushy and full of green tomatoes that I fear will never ripen.

Looking for affordable cookware manufactured in the United States

OK, wise readers, I need your help.

How I made a textured crochet headband earwarmer with a flower

When I started crocheting again this summer, my sister immediately requested a headband with a flower for keeping her ears warm this winter.

Confession: I haven't decorated for fall and probably won't this year

This summer, I had a grand old time daydreaming about decorating for fall: using plaid, making my own pumpkins