Meg Makes (November 2012)

Meg Makes (November 2012)

Recipe for the easiest fruit dip ever

As I recently contemplated changing my blog's name, I had a chance to go through some of my unpublished blog posts. There are quite a few, for one reason or another.

Changing my blog's title and making a red and white no-sew rag rug

I have some exciting news: I have changed my blog's title to "Meg Makes."

OK, it's probably more exciting for me than for you. I deliberated over a new name a while back, but couldn't make a decision.

Making a cardholder wreath out of vintage Christmas lights and sprucing up last year's holiday wreath

Recently, I've had fun making one card-holding wreath and sprucing up a paper wreath I made to decorate our front door last Christmas.

Repost: Comment with the names of the charities you'll support this holiday season

Note: I originally posted this Nov. 23, Black Friday, which is obviously not a great day to ask readers for their feedback. In honor of Giving Tuesday, I'm reposting this.


Making a table for our vertical filing cabinet

Rob, my handy husband, is turning into quite the woodworker. After using plans other people wrote to make a Murphy bed and a end-table dog crate, Rob has branched into designing his own furniture.

A vacation makeover: a bright white bedroom, reupholstered headboard and refinished floors

While I spent most of the month posting recipes (and a huge thanks, again, to everyone who contributed), I was also busy sprucing up our house and doing some fun DIY projects.

Several ideas for using those Thanksgiving leftovers

Heaping Harvest of RecipesI have the most generous readers and Facebook friends ever - I asked the other day for their recommendations for using Thanksgiving leftover

Barb Gillaspie's recipes for pumpkin torte and pumpkin bars

I've known Paxton resident Barb Gillaspie since I was little, and I was honored when she sent me these two recipes to share. She said these are both favorites, but the pumpkin bars are a little easier to make.


Heather Munson's recipes for Mashed Butternut Squash and Sweet Potatoes with Citrus

Champaign resident Heather Munson sent me this recipe, which she didn't write, but made last year for Thanksgiving and will make again this year.

Thanksgiving recipes from Cynthia Voelkl: Kale with Currants and Pecans and Spiced Cranberry Sauce

Heaping Harvest of RecipesOne local blog I love to read is The Sandwich Life, by Champaign resident