Changing my blog's title and making a red and white no-sew rag rug

Changing my blog's title and making a red and white no-sew rag rug

I have some exciting news: I have changed my blog's title to "Meg Makes."

OK, it's probably more exciting for me than for you. I deliberated over a new name a while back, but couldn't make a decision.

Blog PhotoBut I have an new opportunity coming up (more on that in a week or so), and I wanted my blog's title to reflect what it's actually about. The previous name, "Area Extras," was a holdover from when I was hired onto The News-Gazette's state desk five and a half years ago.

Erin Lippitz, who works in The N-G's marketing department and bakes a mean cake, made me this adorable new logo. And Tyler Jackson, who works in our digital media department, was kind enough to make the switch so all my old blog posts can be found with the new name. A huge thanks to both of them.

OK, on to things I've actually made.

After I refinished several floors during a recent vacation, they were so slick, our dog had trouble getting enough traction to jump on our bed.

(I used Varathane Crystal Clear Floor Finish, the water-based kind that doesn't smell awful and dries for recoating in two hours, rather than the 12 hours oil-based finishes require.)

To allow him to jump up without falling, I decided to make a rag rug. I had tons of red bandana print, and I decided to pair it with white cotton. My homemade ruffled shower curtain recently got too waterstained to keep in our bathroom, so it was ripe for repurposing. Plus, I love red and white stripes, and our brown and white color scheme needed a pop of color somewhere.

Blog PhotoI originally hoped to make this knotted rag rug, made with the same technique I used to make friendship bracelets long ago at Camp Wa-Ha-Na-Ha in Gilman. But I got halfway through my fabric and realized there was no possible way I'd have enough to make it the size I wanted.

Instead, I used this tutorial for braiding a rag rug, and though it took a while for me to get it, once I did, it was the simplest thing ever. I think the rug looks like a giant starlight mint, which I love.

I put a rubber rug pad underneath it to help with the traction issue and now Milou uses it every time he jumps up and down. Simple solution that's also cute - my favorite.



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