Meg Makes (December 2012)

Meg Makes (December 2012)

Decorating for Christmas with an eye on all things retro

While Rob was grouting our new penny tile bathroom floor Sunday, I decided to pull out our Christmas decorations and get cracking.

The bathroom floor is done and the penny tile is in

Well, we managed to put in a whole new bathroom floor this weekend, although we still have lots to do to put our bathroom back together.

Chipping vinyl tiles off our bathroom floor before we totally replace it tomorrow.

If you know anything about me, you know that: a. I love to demolish things and, b. once I make a reasonable plan for a home-improvement project, I want to start it right. this. minute.

Gearing up to replace our bathroom floor this weekend

I've hated our bathroom floor for pretty much as long as I can remember.

It has vinyl press-on tiles that always look dirty, and there is a definite slope behind the toilet that has always worried me.

Takes the Cake: Erin makes an amazing Cat in the Hat birthday cake and cupcakes

Today and tomorrow, I'm sharing a cake my baking coworker Erin Lippitz made for her niece's first birthday party this weekend. Her niece's name is Sam, and you'll see it on the top of the cake.