Meg Makes (January 2013)

Meg Makes (January 2013)

Recipe for homemade curry powder

When I was planning my most recent trip to Beachy's, my favorite Amish bulk food store, I flipped through my "Better than Store-bought" cookbook to see if ther

How I made homemade mustard

I mentioned yesterday, when I posted a recipe for homemade soft pretzels, that I was in quite the I-could-make-that-food mood Saturday.

One thing I tried: homemade mustard.

Recipe for homemade soft pretzels

This weekend, I was in some sort of I-could-make-that-from-scratch mood. A trip to Beachy's, my favorite Amish bulk food store, only made it worse.

Recipe for homemade peanut butter and honey granola

I was talking with my coworker, Cassandra Schowengerdt, who works in The News-Gazette's marketing department, and she mentioned this recipe for peanut-butter and honey granola.

Takes the Cake: Decorating cupcakes as a fun baby shower activity

Along with the amazing owl baby shower cake I featured yesterday, my baking guest-blogger Erin Lippitz also put together a fun baby shower activity using cupcakes.

Takes the Cake: Erin makes an adorable owl cake for a baby shower

My friend, co-worker and regular guest blogger Erin Lippitz has a new cake to share with you.

Recipe for Pork and Beans Bread

I first read about this crazy recipe for Pork and Beans Bread in a mystery called "Plum Pudding Murder" more than a month ago.

It was kind of a hokey story, but I liked it because it includes delicious-sounding recipes, including one for this sweet dessert bread.

How I made homemade, salt-free soy nuts

As an anniversary gift, my sister and her husband gave us this amazing, retro-looking candy dispenser.

The cool thing is, it's motion activated, so you just wave your hand in front of the spout for a fun little treat.

My own fond memories of working with Robert K. O'Daniell

As you may have read yesterday, I had the honor of writing a story about News-Gazette photographer emeritus, Robert K. O'Daniell.

He retired from our newsroom at the end of 2012, after more than 43 years.