Meg Makes (April 2013)

Meg Makes (April 2013)

How I made a penny ball as a gift for an avid gardener

When I saw the idea of creating a penny ball for a garden on Pinterest, I knew instantly it'd be a perfect birthday gift for my mom.

Finished pet stairs with lots of storage are made from maple plywood

It's a rough, unfinished version for now, but Rob was able to make a wonderfully functional set of pet stairs yesterday.

Making progress on DIY pet steps and a hanging bedside lamp

It's been a tough week. Our dog, Milou, is experiencing severe pain where his back meets his hips.

We've taken him to the vet a couple times (including to a vet who specializes in animal chiropractic care - who knew that existed?) and finally seemed to get the right mix of medicine to make him feel a bit better.

Recipe for roasted Brussels sprouts and mushrooms

This is a really simple veggie side dish, but it was so delicious I thought I'd share my recipe.

I created this roasted Brussels sprouts and mushrooms recipe this weekend when I realized I needed to use the two main ingredients before they spoiled in my fridge.

Brainstorming ideas for pet stairs with built-in storage

Our poor dog, Milou, woke up yesterday morning with a sore back. I figured it out when he hopped onto our bed and gave the saddest cry I've ever heard.

We're making sure he gets the right medical care, but in the meantime, the vet said it wouldn't hurt to give him a set of pet stairs for getting onto our bed.

Recipe for Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies

Amy George, The News-Gazette's director of market development and special projects, recently made these Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies for the employees in our digital media department who've been working intensively on redesigning our website.

I got to sample one (or two) today and they are so deliciously good. Bonus: my hands are now shaking from the caffeine.

Seeking comfort in poetry and music

I haven't had much to say on my blog this week, because I honestly don't know what to say.

There's been so much static and bad news, between people dying in explosions and Illinois residents having to flee their homes because of flood waters and so much other bad news.

How I made a homemade Funfetti cake

Rob's birthday was yesterday, and he requested a Funfetti cake.

I love to make things you'd usually buy from scratch, so when I found a recipe for homemade Funfetti cake, I jumped at the chance.

Recipe for Pork Roast with Veggies

I made a pork roast for dinner Saturday night, and the spice mix I used tasted really good.

I thought I'd share it. I added a cup of apple juice after it cooked about 30 minutes, and it made the vegetables really soft. I won't do this again, but I figured I'd include it for those of you who like your veggies to cook to that texture.

Putting together some ideas for a comfortable, DIY garden bench

This happens just about every spring, but I've been on a gardening kick lately. I've actually been enjoying weeding and have divided and transplanted 22 plants so far.

The next step, I'm hoping, is to create a space where I can read in the back yard.