Collecting ideas for redesigning our front steps

Collecting ideas for redesigning our front steps

I resolved this year to make our house more appealing from the curb.

Our front steps stopped holding paint a while back, and they're starting to rot.

Blog PhotoI'm thinking  we could make our place look cuter by replacing them with a more appealing version. Right now, they're pretty basic. (They're on the left.)

But what if they looked more like they belonged on a bungalow? I turned to Pinterest to come up with some ideas.

I found myself drawn to stairs with two railings, not just one.

I like steps that have actual posts with tops, with nice horizontal lines.

I also like the version with two-toned steps, with white risers and dark - perhaps green or gray - platforms.

I also really like the versions that have sort of an angle to them. I think it makes those entrances look really welcoming.

The door to our porch is on the side, so it's not exactly a focal point, like some of the photos below.

But I think the right design (and the help of my contractor brother-in-law, whom I hope to hire) can really help improve things. Anyone have suggestions?






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