Meg Makes (April 2013)

Meg Makes (April 2013)

Collecting ideas for redesigning our front steps

I resolved this year to make our house more appealing from the curb.

Our front steps stopped holding paint a while back, and they're starting to rot.

How I made a wreath with an upcycled T-shirt and sola flowers

I totally hacked an Easter wreath last month, but I was in the mood to actually make one today, so I went with it.

Recipe for Easy Chicken Fajitas

Lately, Rob and I have been eating chicken fajitas like nobody's business. They're easy to make, taste good and are pretty healthy.

I've blogged before about making fajitas from leftover steak. This version is similar but calls for fresh boneless, skinless chicken breast. So, I figured they deserved their own post.

Card-catalog longing a reminder to be happy with what I have

A while back, I wrote a blog post about antiques I'd buy if I could only find them - even if it took some finangling to figure out where to put them in our tiny house.

Working on a colorful stitch-sampler crochet baby blanket

I usually try not to blog about homemade gifts before they're delivered to the intended recipient, but I'm making a baby blanket I love so much, I can't resist.

Using galvanized tubs as planters

I turned my calendar to April yesterday morning, but am still wearing my winter coat to work.

The cold temperatures can't keep me down though, because Pinterest has me looking at oodles of adorable galvanized tubs serving as planters and other pieces of garden art.

Here are a few of my favorites: