Meg Makes: Researching DIY storage beds, the kind with built-in drawers

Meg Makes: Researching DIY storage beds, the kind with built-in drawers

I write a lot in this blog about DIY solutions for various problems, including living in a tiny house.

What I don't usually write about are the failures: how using tension rods as shelf dividers was terribly frustrating when the rods popped out and my cookie sheets went flying, or how using plastic storage bins under my bed in lieu of a dresser has resulted in mountains of clothes collecting dust under there when they spill out of the bins and I don't realize it. Whew, I guess I needed to get that off my chest.

The latter, with the clothes, has really been bugging me lately. A recent foray under the bed resulted in finding two shoes (that don't match each other) I hadn't seen in months, hidden under such plastic-bin escapees.

That's when I decided I needed to take another look into DIY storage beds.

Rob has been honing some mad furniture-making skills lately (see his dog-crate end table and pet-stair bookshelf as examples), so I think he'd be able to build a bed if I can convince him it's a good idea. Plus, he could probably customize a storage bed to work perfectly with the pet stairs and our fireplace headboard.

So - the next step in my brilliant storage-bed plan: give Rob some ideas of how to build one, and let his brilliant mind and woodworking skills do the rest. Easy, right?

I started my research with, which features tons of DIY furniture plans. Rob's been successful customizing her plans for the dog crate and our spare room Murphy bed.

I'm loving her plans for the Farmhouse Storage Bed and it's possible that her Fillman Storage Bed could work for us, too. A guest on her website posted plans for a storage bed with drawers on both sides and at the end of the bed, a feature not included in the other two plans I've linked to.

A Google search turned up this seemingly helpful plan, this modern-looking storage bed and this one, too.

I can't wait to show Rob all these ideas and see if he likes any. I'll keep you posted.


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