Meg Makes: Adding shelves to our salvaged metal locker

Meg Makes: Adding shelves to our salvaged metal locker

Our cool old locker is done, fully equipped with three new shelves. It's now home to our movie and CD collection with space to spare.

After I finished stripping and clear-coating the locker, Rob bought special bolts for metal and a length of angle iron. He cut the latter into nine 6-inch pieces. We decided we wanted the shelves to start about a foot under the shelf already inside, with two more a foot apart below it.

Blog PhotoThe goal was to leave a nice tall space at the bottom for storing especially bulky items, and it worked out nicely. (Turns out, it's perfect for my umbrella.)

Rob measured carefully and then got to work attaching the brackets. Each shelf is supported by three pieces of angle iron, one on each side and one on the back. (I believe he drilled pilot holes in the angle iron pieces before attaching them to the sides of the locker.)

Then, he cut shelves to the dimensions of the locker (15 inches wide and 18 inches deep) in 1/2 inch plywood. He set each piece of plywood on top of the angle iron to make the shelves.

We moved the locker back in the house, and the storage it provides is amazing. We moved in the CDs and movies previously housed on a small bookshelf that previously occupied the same space in our living room. We were able to stack the cases several deep and several tall on each shelf.

We still have one empty shelfBlog Photo that I'm thinking would make a nice home for my craft books, and more space in that tall area in the bottom that's home to my umbrella. It might make a good spot for rain or snow boots.

Unfortunately, because of the shelves, we can no longer use the hooks or hanger bar inside the locker, but we could always take the shelves out if we wanted to use the locker for a different purpose.

It now has such great storage that I could see using it to contain towels and sheets in the future (when we go completely digital, perhaps), or even sweatshirts and jeans. The locker is definitely versatile, which I love.

Plus, its new shiny finish looks great in our living room, and it doesn't seem like it takes up that much more visual space than the bookshelf, even though it's much larger. Overall, I'm pleased with this project and how it looks and functions in our home.


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