Meg Makes

Meg Makes

Some photos of the most adorable 1950s-inspired kitchen ever

For Christmas, Rob and I got a got a subscription to Old House Interiors.

Our April 2013 issue just arrived, and in it is an article about kitchen curtains.

One of the kitchens pictured had adorable red and white polka dot curtains, '50s style cabinets featuring adorable red hardware and white subway tile with a red border. It's a color scheme I love.

Signing up to be a bone marrow donor was an easy process

I frequently give blood at Community Blood Services of Illinois in Urbana, but yesterday, I accomplished two things while I was there.

A collection of sweet recipes that call for hazelnuts

I usually pride myself on being a sensible shopper. I made lists, prioritize, watch for sales and so on. But when I get to Beachy's, my favorite Amish bulk food store, it's like I can't stop myself from chucking things into my cart.

Recipe for brown sugar-mustard glazed ham

Just as fellow food-blogger Jeannette Beck writes about finally being done with ham leftovers, I'm blogging about how Rob made a delicious glazed ham last night.

Recipe for homemade curry powder

When I was planning my most recent trip to Beachy's, my favorite Amish bulk food store, I flipped through my "Better than Store-bought" cookbook to see if ther

How I made homemade mustard

I mentioned yesterday, when I posted a recipe for homemade soft pretzels, that I was in quite the I-could-make-that-food mood Saturday.

One thing I tried: homemade mustard.

Recipe for homemade soft pretzels

This weekend, I was in some sort of I-could-make-that-from-scratch mood. A trip to Beachy's, my favorite Amish bulk food store, only made it worse.

Recipe for homemade peanut butter and honey granola

I was talking with my coworker, Cassandra Schowengerdt, who works in The News-Gazette's marketing department, and she mentioned this recipe for peanut-butter and honey granola.

Takes the Cake: Decorating cupcakes as a fun baby shower activity

Along with the amazing owl baby shower cake I featured yesterday, my baking guest-blogger Erin Lippitz also put together a fun baby shower activity using cupcakes.