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Meg Makes

Several ideas for using those Thanksgiving leftovers

Heaping Harvest of RecipesI have the most generous readers and Facebook friends ever - I asked the other day for their recommendations for using Thanksgiving leftover

Barb Gillaspie's recipes for pumpkin torte and pumpkin bars

I've known Paxton resident Barb Gillaspie since I was little, and I was honored when she sent me these two recipes to share. She said these are both favorites, but the pumpkin bars are a little easier to make.


Heather Munson's recipes for Mashed Butternut Squash and Sweet Potatoes with Citrus

Champaign resident Heather Munson sent me this recipe, which she didn't write, but made last year for Thanksgiving and will make again this year.

Thanksgiving recipes from Cynthia Voelkl: Kale with Currants and Pecans and Spiced Cranberry Sauce

Heaping Harvest of RecipesOne local blog I love to read is The Sandwich Life, by Champaign resident

Tried and true recipe for pumpkin roll


Janet Read's recipe for Turkey Portugese to use up leftover turkey

This recipe also comes from Janet Read, who grew up in St. Joseph and now lives in Georgia. She also sent me a recipe for her Corn Casserole.

Her mother-in-law gave it to her when she got married.

Janet Read's recipe for Corn Casserole

Janet Read lives in Woodstock, Ga., but she grew up in St. Joseph and was kind enough to send me this recipe for my Heaping Harvest of Recipes series.

Suzanne Beecher's recipe for Crock Pot Dressing

Mary Mullen of Mahomet sent me this recipe, which is originally from author Suzanne Beecher.

Mullen got the recipe after participating in the Champaign Public Library's online book clubs.

Lisa Fink's recipe for Cheesy Broccoli Rice Casserole

Philo resident Lisa Storm Fink sent me this recipe for Cheesy Broccoli Rice Casserole.

"I like to make it because it’s fairly simple and easy but very hearty and warm," she wrote in her email. "It’s a great option for vegetarian guests too. I’m not a big fan of brocccoli but I sure do like this dish. I think it even reheats well."

Erin Lippitz's recipe for Rosemary Turkey

Erin Lippitz, famous on this blog for her baking prowess, sent me this recipe for my Heaping Harvest of Recipes series.

She said she used it for roasting a turkey last year, and found the results "super tender and flavorful."