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Meg Makes

Cassandra Schowengerdt's easy recipe for Pumpkin Ice Cream

Heaping Harvest of RecipesRecently, I was looking for pumpkin-flavored desserts to serve with my

Heaping Harvest of Recipes: featuring Thanksgiving recipes all month long

This month, I am hoping to run a Thanksgiving-related recipe post every day until Thanksgiving.

Three recipes for creepy, kid-friendly Halloween food

I've done absolutely nothing - didn't even decorate - for Halloween this year. Lucky for me, coworker Christine des Garennes made some creepy Halloween foods for her kids and their friends this weekend.

Recipe for homemade graham crackers

I have an odd fascination with making usually-storebought items from scratch, and this recipe reflects that.

I had no idea until this weekend that you could make graham crackers from scratch, but you can. And they're delicious. Much tastier than storebought. I used them in my dessert for a fall-flavored dinner this weekend, but they're not necessarily a fall food.

Choosing Paderno cookware manufactured in Canada

I blogged more than a week ago, asking for suggestions of quality cookware manufactured in the United States, Europe or somewhere comparable.

Recipe for making your own chicken base

I am planning a big Thanksgiving-related cooking fest this weekend (I promise to give you more details soon), and last weekend, I deboned a chicken in preparation.

Alternative uses for old pots, pans and crockpots

As I get closer to bringing home new cookware, my sister asked me what I'd do with the old stuff.