Meg Makes

Meg Makes

An update on the Guilt-Free Book Club

OK, Guilt-Free Book Clubbers, have you reserved your copies of “The Help” from the library?

Fruit salad with pasta an unexpected summery treat

We had an all-company cookout day last Friday, and I tried a pasta salad with fruit. Or maybe it was a fruit salad with pasta.

Sample 'not your average cantaloupe' for free this weekend

I occassionally get press releases from Frieda's, the produce company that provides produce to local Schnucks stores. Since this one includes delicious-looking new fruits and the promise of free samples Saturday, I figured I'd post it.


Try some new melons this summer!

Considering open shelving in our kitchen

I think I have a little problem in the DIY-my-kitchen department. I might be addicted.

Guilt-Free Book Club: a way to read together without the time or cleaning requirements

I've been thinking about trying this for a while, and a recent Facebook post about summer reading cemented the idea. I want to try hosting a guilt-free book club on this blog.

Garlic cheese bread a delicious, wildly unhealthy success

Rob's attempt to recreate our favorite garlic cheese bread was wildly successful.

Don't put too much faith in your grout

One thing I learned this weekend while taking up our ceramic tile countertop before putting down slate: grout is the weakest link in your kitchen or bathroom.

We did it: Slate countertops look great in our kitchen

You know how watching the Food Network makes you hungry?

Well, something similar happened Saturday evening when Rob and I were watching the DIY Network.

After watching other people install slate in their bathrooms and on their floors, I just couldn't wait any longer.

Do you have a recipe for your favorite restaurant or storebought dish?

One of my guiltiest pleasures is the garlic cheese bread from shall we say, an inexpensive pizza chain in town.

Formulating a plan for DIY slate countertops

As Rob and I get our heads around the fact that we are now proud owners of more than 20 square feet of slate intended for our countertops, we've started formulating a plan.