Meg Makes

Meg Makes

Boneyard's Second Street basin a great place for outdoor lunch

OK, readers, I believe I've found the perfect outdoors lunch spot in Champaign, and it's the new Second Street basin of the Boneyard Creek.

Memories of college move-out have me appreciating life now

A comment on a blog post got me thinking about college (specifically about all the moving involved.)

What would you order for your last meal?

One of the pleasures of my job is contacting people, requesting they answer our Getting Personal questions and editing their responses for grammar and punctuation.

Lessons learned through American Girl doll ownership

When News-Gazette families columnist and blogger Julie Wurth wrote about her daughter's experiences with American Girl dolls last fall, I fondly recounted my experience as an American Girl doll owner.

The newspaper + coupons = lots of savings, and now a way for you to buy extras

I was so excited to blog about newspapers and coupons today, as well as share with you the content of an ad scheduled for today's paper about coupons.

Recipe, tips for crusty French bread

Sometimes, for me, baking is like alchemy.

You take a group of ingredients, mix them a certain way and the end result (if nothing goes wrong) is a food you love. I often think it's strange how items like breads, rolls, pizza crusts and cinnamon buns have such similar ingredients, but turn into something so individualized.

High hopes for a newly planted garden

Rob and I loaded up on plants yesterday evening and planted our garden.

In the past, my garden has consisted of a couple tomato plants, a couple of peppers and some zucchini.

Carolyn Savage an inspiration for women everywhere

For Mother's Day this year, The News-Gazette is featuring Carolyn Savage.


Nationally, she's known as the woman who became pregnant with another couple's baby after a mix-up at a fertility clinic.


Looking for practical advice for living on one income

The N-G's somewhat new series, Stretching Your Dollar, got a lot more personal for me last week.