Meg Makes

Meg Makes

Good-memory recipes: homemade Avanti's bread and pickle relish

I must be on a food kick this week, because I have two more recipes from readers to share with you. They're both recipes strongly associated with memories - and one contributor suggested I ask you readers - what foods do you associate with good memories?

A few more ideas for cooking with cabbage

Cabbage, like many kinds of veggies this time of year, is available at your local supermarket (or from your garden) for great prices.


Saving summer for later: how to can tomato juice and homemade salsa

One of my favorite summer pleasures is garden tomatoes. I can honestly say that fresh summer tomatoes are hands down, my favorite food ever. And if you know how much I love all food, you understand that this is serious.

Strange fixings: how I ended up with a pantry full of odd ingredients

I have another confession, as if telling the world that I love my garbage can wasn't enough. I often buy strange ingredients for dishes I never cook.

Finding beauty in the small things - like pretty garbage cans

The other night, I was walking the dog and found myself doing something incredibly dorky: admiring my garbage can and recycle bin. I know.

Inspired by sour cream plus a recipe for enchiladas

After cooking some dinners for a friend who just had a baby last week, I found myself with a container of sour cream. Because I'm lactose intolerant, I don't usually cook with sour cream. In fact, I don't think I've bought it. Ever.

Bringing home Milou, our new adopted dog

So after all of Mike Howie's teasing about how he'd get his laptop before I got my dog, we ended up bringing Milou home a we

Reader DIY: Melinda Miller's unattached deck, gazebo and outdoor chandelier

Today's installment of readers' DIY projects: a cool unattached deck from Champaign resident Melinda Miller, who sent me tons of photos of her and her husband's project.

New arrivals: dog trumps computer

So Mike Howie has been teasing me for a while now, because right around the time he ordered a new laptop, Rob and I