Meg Makes

Meg Makes

Typical evening in our household

I was the kitchen this evening after work, and I heard an enormous, jarring sound coming from the basement.

"Uhhh, Rob, are you drilling through the floor joists?" I asked. "And ... is that going to hurt the house?"

Our first married dinner party a hit; recipe for Cuban Mojo Chicken

Rob and I had a lot of fun hosting his birthday get-together this weekend.

Hosting my first birthday party as a married gal

I'm hosting Rob's family tomorrow evening to celebrate his birthday, which is today. (Can't resist: happy birthday, Rob!)

What made you buy your house?

This blog post started yesterday when I came across this particular Apartment Therapy Small Cool 2011 entry.

Making a marquee letter for my porch

As I continue decorating my home, I've found myself using more signs and letters.

Finding a replacement for our porch swing

I received lots of wonderful suggestions for how to replace our porch swing after yesterday's blog post.

A little work on the front porch goes a long way

Rob and I took advantage of warm weather this weekend to finally tackle several projects, including the front porch.

I've been thinking about sprucing up our porch for a while now, and it was great to finally put my plan into action.

Recipe for Chinese-style green beans

I made an awesome dinner last night, and want to share this green bean recipe.

Reusing a kitchen accessory for a welcoming front door

I love a good wreath, but with the season changing, I'm sort of sick of the ones I've been rotating on our front door.


Recipe for baked brown-sugar oatmeal

I asked last week for you to share your breakfast recipes. I got some great responses, and I can't wait to share them. (And if you forgot to e-mail yours, it's not too late to contact me.)