Meg Makes

Meg Makes

Making beans and weenies upon my husband's request

Rob made a dinner request the other day that had dinner flop written all over it.

I think we were talking about camp food - he and I volunteered Saturday on a maintenance project at a church camp he attended as a kid. Somehow, it came out that he really liked baked beans with hot dogs in them.

Seeking your favorite breakfast recipes

I've spent a lot of time this morning thinking about breakfast, for some reason.


Dinner gone wrong - food flops happen to everyone, right?

I love to blog about dishes that I (and others) make that turn out wonderfully.

I rarely write about the flops - why would I? But I feel like it's a topic that should be addressed because it happens to everyone ... right?

Amish bulk-food store a great resource

Yesterday, I mentioned measuring spoons I bought at Beachy's Bulk Foods in Arthur. I was hoping to link to a previous post where you could get more information.

Finding space for my mixer

When I asked for tips regarding my stand mixer, readers provided lots of good advice. I got so much feedback, in fact, that we may do a story about the versatility of stand mixers.

Making pumpkin bars with my mixer

I was able to get out my mixer out this weekend, and of course, I loved it.

A new resolve to break out my mixer

I have a confession. I've had a KitchenAid mixer for about three months now, and I've never used it.

Making butter not so difficult

I had lunch today with several readers, cooked by a Tolono woman who has published a chock-full cookbook with two of her friends.

Making a vintage-style kitchen sign from mat board

I've written before about decorating with words, and I still like the trend, especially when it's retro-inspired.