Meg Makes

Meg Makes

Trucking to work to save gas

When gas prices went up to $3.50 yesterday, Rob and I knew we needed to do something different with our vehicles.

Four little ducks made out of I.D.E.A. Store supplies

One of the things I love about Rob is that he's versatile.

Recipe for 100 percent whole-wheat pizza crust

I make all-whole wheat pizza crust pretty regularly for our homemade-pizza night.

Adding kitchen's paint job, countertops to list of DIY ideas

I tend to have a short home-decorating attention span.

I'll think of some great idea, and then another, and soon I don't know what to do with them all.

All about kumquats, with a recipe for Kumquat-Almond Sauce

Here's a press release from Frieda's Specialty Produce about kumquats, citrus designed to be eaten whole. Don't forget, local Schnucks stores will feature Frieda's Produce University Saturday, which will include free samples and recipes.




Ditching the dresser - would it work?

The other day, I had a truly radical thought: do I really need a dresser?

Takes the Cake: Erin makes cookie dough truffles

Last week, Erin Lippitz, my incredible baking coworker, mentioned that she wanted to try cookie dough truffles. She'd been planning on making chocolate cake pops for my birthday last Friday, but I quickly changed my request

Stovetop oatmeal a comforting breakfast

This morning, I awoke with that startling, total wakefulness at 5:40 – the kind when you realize you'll be staring at the ceiling until your alarm goes off, or you might as well just get up.

A plan for the spring - time to spruce up the porch

Our enclosed porch is a joy three seasons of the year. It's south-facing and had lots of storm windows. If it's not too hot, we'll leave the door open and let the cat wander in and out (it's the closest she gets to unsupervised time outside).


Home decorating, improvement website offers an infusion of inspiration

During the past couple of months, Rob and I have had way too much going on to think about any home-improvement projects.