Meg Makes

Meg Makes

A list of dream antiques: if I ever find these things, I'm buying them

Two of the things I've always loved about Rob is that he understands my love for old houses and has many handy skills useful for maintenance. (In fact, he fixed the toilet in my first post-college apartment on our first date. What a guy!) He also loves to browse through antique shops.

Blood oranges in season - here's a recipe for ambrosia crepes

Here's another release from Frieda's Specialty Produce, this one about blood oranges.

Just a reminder, Frieda's will host a Produce University session about specialty citrus fruits from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m Feb. 26 at local Schnucks stores. It's a free event, and you'll get free samples and recipes, as well.


Recipe for Honey Sweet Potates

For a Valentine's Day dinner, last night Rob and I had steak and this yummy sweet potato side dish from my Gooseberry Patch cookbook, "Homemade Christmas." I'll be honest, a recipe with both "honey" and "sweet" in

Hummus pizza a hit

Looking forward to food and fun this weekend

Today, I'm thinking I need to take a moment and say hooray for Friday.


All about Meyer lemons; Produce University event coming up

The three local Schnucks stores are hosting a Produce University class Saturday, Feb. 26. It will feature free samples, recipe ideas and specialty citrus brochures.
Because that’s coming up, Frieda’s Specialty Produce has sent information to post on my blog about different kinds of citrus. The first press release is all about Meyer lemons. It’s below.

A recipe for simple, homemade donut holes

If you remember, Dena Strong is a local cook who’s been featured in my blog posts and feature stories.
She’s become a regular commenter on my blog, which I love because she’s got such good ideas.

Takes the Cake: Erin's recipes and strategy for cake pops

My talented, baking coworker Erin Lippitz has written another installment of "Takes the Cake"  for this blog. Cake on a stick - it's genius. Let me just say, don't read this blog if you don't want to end up craving cake.