Meg Makes

Meg Makes

Recipe for fiesta dip mix, a tasty, versatile treat

My sister gave me a copy of Goosebery Patch's “Christmas in the Country” cookbook for Christmas.

Readers, weigh in: what are your favorite snowed-in foods?

I've been reading people's reaction to the snowstorm all day on Twitter and Facebook.


DIY photobooth easy, cheap and fun

For the last couple years, I've been one of the people who helps plan our annual employee appreciation party.

Digging up more information about interior barn door

Rob and I have been throwing around the idea of installing our bathroom door on a barn door track, but I have so many questions.

Narrowing down blog title suggestions

Even after hearing all your great ideas for a new name for my blog, I'm still undecided. So I thought I'd lay out my personal finalists for you guys, and see what you think.


Homemade tortillas a fun kitchen experiment

Lately, I've been getting that I-could-make-that-myself feeling when it comes to cooking. I especially like being able to control the ingredients in typically processed foods.

Shut the barn door ... to the bathroom

I was searching the Internet to show my sister photos of interior barn doors because I think they're a cool design element. (I'd mentioned them in passing and she had no idea what I was talking about.)

Another story about a mouse

Starting a tradition of homemade pizza on Fridays

In college, my roommate was always excited about eating pizza on a Friday night. It was fun – a little bit of something special on top of that beginning-of-the-weekend feeling.