Meg Makes

Meg Makes

United Way's Emerging Community Leaders a great opportunity for young professionals

This morning, I graduated as a part of the United Way's Emerging Community Leaders Class of 2010.

Together, our class logged 1,503 volunteer hours and worked on some really cool projects within the community.

Looking for a new blog title

Gearing up for some Valentine's Day baking

Because of all the wedding madness just before Christmas, I don't feel like I got a fair crack at holiday baking. Oh, except for that one afternoon baking spritz and snickerdoodles.


More tips on downsizing with your parents

The story I wrote for Saturday's paper about downsizing sparked a lot of conversation just within my family.

Now, my mom is making lists of things she wants me to get out of her house. Guess I'm going to have to find some closet space for my white satin letter jacket and fancy-pants madrigal dress.

Sometimes the best go-to recipes aren't the most glamorous

I think a sign that you have a new go-to recipe is when you get that desparate what-are-we-eating-for-dinner feeling, you think of a dish and realize your cookbook flips right to it.

I'll give you anything, but not my cookbooks

As I work toward a streamlined, two-person home (and writing a story for Saturday about downsizing), I've heard advice to pare down your books.

Send us your wild jewelry stories

A week before getting married, I had a couple of panic-filled days after I lost two stones from my engagement ring.

Recipes for sunchokes and a link to some interesting history

Frieda's Specialty Produce, which supplies produce to local Schnuck's stores, regularly sends me press releases about unusual fruits and vegetables. They're usually interesting, so I tend to post them here. This one about sunchokes is especially so - who knew you could eat the roots of sunflower plants?