Meg Makes

Meg Makes

Door dilemma: a lot of work for a little extra space

Rob and I (OK, actually Rob and his dad) finished tiling the shower surround in our bathroom last month.

(The project took a long time, so long that I decided to skip blogging about it altogether. I am infinitely grateful for his dad stepping in and fixing our little bathroom boondoggle.)

Finding storage in the smallest of spaces

Since I've been blogging lately about small spaces and home improvements, I thought I'd write a quick post about one small but incredibly useful change we've made in our kitchen.

Making space for DIY projects

I have a new dilemma when it comes to do-it-yourself projects.

Cup-and-saucer cake stand a fun homemade gift

One of my favorite Christmas presents I gave this year was a coffee-mug cookie stand. I made several: one for Erin, who loves to bake, and one each for my sister-in-law and mother-in-law.

Going to the chapel, and not just for a Christmas Eve service

I've yet to mention it here, but a pretty big life change is coming my way soon.

Friday, my sweetheart and I are getting married.

Mustache sticks a hilarious party photo prop

I didn't set out to make mustache sticks last night when I sat down with some cardboard, some black fleece and my glue gun, but that's what happened.

Holiday cooking with won ton and egg roll wrappers

As local cook Dena Strong has already demonstrated, won ton and egg roll wrappers are versatile in the kitchen.

If you love tomatoes, try making tomato pudding

Another delicious recipe I acquired after a News-Gazette ladies' luncheon last week is Alice Vaughan's tomato pudding recipe.

Membership Tea Squares an easy treat

Since I'm not doing much baking of my own these days, I'm grateful to be sharing the tried and true recipes of others.