Meg Makes

Meg Makes

Lessons learned - and food craved - during the SNAP Hunger Challenge

I know I should be reflecting on hunger and poverty in my blog, but on day six of the SNAP Hunger Challenge, I can't help but think what I want to make when my $30 per week budget isn't an issue. I've spent more of my time than usual this week thinking about food, so I can't resist a list.

I want to make or buy:

It takes more than $30 a week to succeed in SNAP Hunger Challenge

The SNAP Hunger Challenge coordinators have been sending particpating bloggers prompts, and yesterday's asked how much money we're saving by participating in the challenge.

Doing better on day three of the SNAP Hunger Challenge

A quick update on my SNAP Hunger challenge experience – I'm doing better today, although I snagged a free muffin this morning leftover from a company workshop.

Day two of the SNAP Hunger Challenge - and I'm failing

I started the SNAP Hunger Challenge yesterday, sort of.

Sundays are a typically busy day for me, and yesterday was no exception. It had me up early, heading to my parents' house in Paxton and then church in Loda. Then back to my parents', then to Champaign-Urbana for various obligations, including helping someone host an end-of-summer party.

List of first Farm Aid performers and more

Yesterday, we ran a story about residents' memories from the first Farm Aid, which was 25 years ago at Memorial Stadium.

Today, I got a phone call from a reader who wanted to see a list of the performers. That's below, if you're interested.


Preparing myself for eating on $4.50 a day

 SNAP Hunger Challenge Week is coming right up, and I'm getting more nervous about it each day.

These are my worries: 

Submit your favorite recipe to The News-Gazette

I had a great time at the Taste of Home Cooking School this weekend in Monticello.

Looking forward to Taste of Home Cooking School Sept. 11 in Monticello

Just wanted to remind you that tickets are still available for the Taste of Home Cooking School tomorrow in Monticello. (The details are below.)

Takes the Cake: Recipe for Erin's low-fat banana bread

I couldn't resist sharing this recipe for low-fat banana bread from my coworker, Erin Lippitz. She got it from, and made some changes. They're noted below.


This is a low fat banana bread that ends up being very moist and delicious.

Low-Fat Banana Bread

Anyone freezing a month's worth of dinners at one time?

Readers, I'm looking for someone local who has a specific dinner strategy – someone who makes several meals at one time and then freezes them for weeknight dinners ahead.