Meg Makes

Meg Makes

Use your initals to claim (and decorate early) a growing pumpkin

In some magazine or cookbook or decorating book, I once read the suggestion of lightly etching your initials into a pumpkin while it's growing.

My sister, the girl she mentors and I decided to try this yesterday in my parents' garden.


Lemon Icebox Cookies perfect for making ahead

I haven't met many cookies that taste better than their cookie dough, but this is the case with Lemon Icebox Cookies. I decided to try them because I had lemon zest left over from making Cherry Tomato-Lemon Salad.

More cool ways to use mason jars

 A friend gave me a blue mason jar this morning, and it has a glass lid. A photo is below - it's really neat, if you're into that sort of thing. 

Recipe for fudgy, low fat homemade brownies

I had never made homemade brownies before, but after trying this recipe last night, I'm a convert. I may never go back to a mix.

An added bonus - it's only two Weight Watchers points, reports a friend who does Weight Watchers.

It's from “The All New Good Housekeeping Cook Book.” 

Fudgy Lowfat Brownies

Recipe for Cherry Tomato-Lemon Salad

In my continuing quest to make the most of summer tomatoes, I tried a new recipe last night.

Wall-mounted jewelry turns into historical display of sorts

I've been seeing wall displays for jewelry for a while now, most recently in Real Simple.

Twine and button necklace is easy to make, but is it cute?

Every once in a while, I'll get an idea that looks great in my head but could go either way after I make it.

Recipe for chicken chili cheese dip

 I don't eat Velveeta, but I'm not against cooking with it, especially to make a dish to take to a party.

And because I might have snuck a taste of a chicken chili cheese dip I made with my sister this weekend, I thought this not-so-healthy recipe was too good not to pass on.

I adapted the recipe from an existing slow-cooker recipe.

Ruffled apron project not too difficult

 My sister recently got curtains for her kitchen featuring a cute, kitschy print of frilly aprons.

I've been wanting to try making a ruffled apron for some time, but hadn't done anything about it until yesterday evening. Making her one for her kitchen seemed like a good reason to try it.


A cooking date with dates

I recently received this press release from Frieda’s, which supplies produce to local Schnucks stores. I thought I’d pass along this information and recipes about dates: