Meg Makes

Meg Makes

Recipe for Rhubarb Pudding

Yesterday, my mom made Rhubarb Pudding, a deliciously sour and creamy dessert that tastes like spring. She was kind enough to share it.

Daydreaming about dala horses

My heritage is mostly German, but I grew up in Paxton, a town with strong Swedish roots.

One thing I grew up seeing - door signs saying "välkommen" and featuring red dala horses.

Recipe for Cherry Pie Bars

As a food lover, I've never been to a potluck I didn't enjoy.

Today, a few coworkers are having one to celebrate the departure of Amy George, The News-Gazette's director of Market Development and Special Projects.

A look at our almost-finished pet-stair bookcase

A few weeks ago, our dog's back pain prompted Rob to make a set of pet stairs for him.

How I crocheted white lace trim for cutoff denim shorts

Until this winter, I had a pair of jeans I bought as a sophomore in high school that still fit me. At least, they did until they endured what I thought was a career-ending rip to the leg this winter.

It happened in such a spot, though, that I realized I could try making the jeans into cutoff shorts with white lace trim on the bottoms, like I've seen on Pinterest.

Contest: Best grilling recipe wins a box full of McCormick grilling products

I'm hosting another food-related blog giveaway, and this time, the theme is grilling.

I've somehow gotten on a press list for McCormick. A couple of months ago, I got a press kit full of seasonings and hosted a blog contest to give it away.

Making a wish list for perennials for my garden

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time in my yard, gardening.

In the past, I've had a love-hate relationship with gardening, but I realized that this is my fifth summer in my house. Things are finally starting to look the way I'd like.

Making rotisserie-style chicken in the slow cooker

This is by no means an original recipe, but I finally decided to try an idea I saw on Pinterest for making rotisserie-style chicken in the slow cooker.

How I made a penny ball as a gift for an avid gardener

When I saw the idea of creating a penny ball for a garden on Pinterest, I knew instantly it'd be a perfect birthday gift for my mom.

Finished pet stairs with lots of storage are made from maple plywood

It's a rough, unfinished version for now, but Rob was able to make a wonderfully functional set of pet stairs yesterday.