Meg Makes

Meg Makes

Wedding photographer comes up with another use for newspapers

 I've written before about creative ways to reuse newspapers (and newspaper bags, but that's not pertinent here). 

Tin plate cake stand affordable and easy to make

I've described this feeling before – when you dig the new Pottery Barn catalog out of your mailbox, ooh and ahhh at the carefully placed, beautiful objects inside and think, “Man, my house would look great if I had ______.”

C-U Schools Foundation's store will provide plenty of inspiration

 While the C-U Schools Foundation's I.D.E.A. Store is still getting set up in the shopping center just east of Neil Street on Springfield Ave., it's clear to me that it has a lot of potential. It will open in September. 

A look at Sephora through the eyes of a makeup guru

When a PR team for Sephora contacted The News-Gazette to let us know we could visit their new store at Market Place Mall before it opened to the public, my editor and I figured it might be a good time to write a makeup-tip story for the features section. (The store opens Friday.)

Story on "America's Got Talent" strongman coming Sunday

I had the pleasure of interviewing John Beatty yesterday, a strongman and nurse from Pesotum who's competing on "America's Got Talent."

D.W. can go everywhere you go this summer

Between 2008 and when I started in the features department last September, I did some work in The News-Gazette's marketing department.

Hard lessons in social media

I love social media.

Suggestions for reusing newspaper bags

At my house, the bags my newspapers arrive in tend to pile up.

I reuse them to clean up after dogs I'm dogsitting and during painting projects. They're the perfect size and shape to hold a paintbrush between coats. I put the bag and brush into the fridge so the paint doesn't dry out.

Beer-can chicken can't be beat

Rob and I recently tried a recipe for beer-can chicken from "The Big Book of BBQ."

It turned out so well that I thought I'd share the recipe with you. We made two birds instead of the three this recipe calls for and they turned out well.