Meg Makes

Meg Makes

Cookie sheets seem like perfect magnetic message boards

A couple of days ago, I wrote explaining how I won't be able to use magnets on my new refrigerator.

I ask you lovely readers if you had any ideas for other solutions, and I got tons of great ideas, especially on Facebook.

City's forestry department provided great customer service

When I have an interaction with someone who's friendly, helpful and provides great customer service, I want to shout it from the rooftops.

So today, I'm going to tell you about a conversation I had with the City of Champaign's arborist, Bill VanderWeit, who helped me with a problem tree in my parkway.

Seeking alternative spots to hang the usual fridge decor

I'm as guilty as anyone of not being too careful with my current fridge.

I don't think about it much and it tends to get overloaded by magnets holding up papers.

My new fridge is being painted with auto-paint, so it will require some special care.

Recipe for my favorite summer dessert

All signs point to summer on its way, which has me thinking about my favorite summer treat. I thought I'd share this delicious recipe.

Floor project exhausting, frustrating and worth it

I’m happy to report that my kitchen is almost done. Almost.

Between other commitments this week, Rob finished up the hardwood patching (more about that later) and sanded them, and I smoothed them out with some wood putty around the edges.

Use your words ... to decorate

I love to think about house stuff - decorating, home improvement, you name it - and one trend I’ve been noticing lately are words or phrases intended as decor.

DIY kitchen rug that looks like it's from Pottery Barn? Count me in.

I got my newest Pottery Barn catalog this weekend and noticed a lot of nautical-style accessories: lanterns, sea shells and knots adorning rooms.

Decisions, decisions - the kind that take courage

Many members of my generation grew up hearing, “You can be anything you want.”

Dogs do the darndest things

My favorite dog, Grover, isn't mine, but we spend enough time together that I'm feeling the urge to brag about him on my blog.

He's been particularly cute lately. He's a mutt with some obvious miniature Schnauzer in him. He loves anything that squeaks, which I'm guessing is ingrained from a need to hunt rodents.