Meg Makes

Meg Makes

Puddle-wonderful Homer Lake

It's not quite spring yet, but it sure felt like it Saturday at Homer Lake in Homer.

I'd never been there, but my sweetheart swore it'd be fun. He was right.

Experiencing poverty


Yesterday, I attended the first event of the year for the United Way of Champaign County's Emerging Community leaders Class of 2010.

Nothing like an interesting skirt to spice up a T-shirt and your spring wardrobe

A fashion-forward friend sent me this link, showing 15 skirts that would look just fine with a fitted T-shirt.

With the car thermometer showing today's temp at a balmy 65 degrees, I couldn't resist sharing with you. I have trouble believing that winter's really over, but it sure feels like it outside.

Jicama - have you tried it?

I was wondering what to blog about when I got a call from Hazel Kelly, who works for Frieda’s, a company that supplies produce to local Schnuck's stores.

She was calling to suggest blogging about jicama, an ugly vegetable she swears is delicious. It's pronounced HEE-KA-MA.

What are you reading?

One of my favorite questions to ask people I'm getting to know – what are you reading now, or what have you read lately that you can't put down?

Right now, I'm reading “The Richest Girl in the World: The Extravagant Life and Fast Times of Doris Duke.”

It's good and full of interesting information about the “rich-rich” and heirs to the robber-baron tycoons, but it's not exactly can't-put-it-down material.

My own tried and true recipe

The News-Gazette wants you! Or at least, we want you to submit a recipe for your favorite, tried-and-true recipe that keeps your family wanting more, or your church community suggesting potlucks or you just like to make. We run them in our Wednesday Food pages.

What songs mean summer to you?

I've long associated music with seasons, and this end-of-winter business has me gravitating toward summery tunes.

I've been listening to some songs I can imagine floating in the air at my next cookout, whenever that might happen.

They include:

- Emmylou Harris' bluegrassy rendition of "How High the Moon," from her "Songbird" album (I can't find a link to a video on YouTube, but this version is great.)

Taking my bread machine for a spin with whole-wheat recipes


I'm not exactly a health nut. I'm willing to challenge you to a chocolate-eating contest, and I bet I'd win.

A scary reminder not to let pets roam

I was driving on a country road southeast of St. Joseph this weekend when I came across a group of four or five dogs in the road. They were all different kinds, colors and sizes.

On being a Millennial

A quiz Pew Research Center posted online, called "How Millennial Are You," has me thinking.