Meg Makes

Meg Makes

The anti-summer-reading list

I might not have time to read, but I'm suggesting a couple of books anyway

Looks like Barack's got the nomination

Let the official campaign begin.

Look to the Web for weekend getaway advice

Find the perfect short trip

Make this weekend take the cake

Cakes on Walnut is a good bet for some simple sweetness

Gas prices on the mind

What are you doing to conserve fuel?

Assaulted by spring: it's everywhere

You don't see me complaining, though.

Practical advice abounds on

It's both ingenious and instructive

Exploring Allerton Park

It's a beautiful destination.

Celebrating eradications

The parasitic beetles are gone, so they get their own day. What's next?

Finding the words for spring

Cummings manages to describe the season perfectly.