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Efficiency Stats: Illini & Buffaloes Away from Home

This post started with a tweet.

Efficiency Stats: Illinois vs. Colorado

Illini look to have a slight edge by the numbers.

Efficiency Stats: Hoosiers Too Good

The Illini offense couldn't keep up with the Indiana juggernaut.

Efficiency Stats: Brandon Paul, Ladies & Gentlemen!

What a way for the senior to play in his final Big Ten Tournament!

Efficiency Stats: Offense struggles in Columbus

After a quick start, another slog for Illini in Columbus.

Efficiency Stats: Ugly Night in Iowa City

Illini offense was anemic all night long.

Efficiency Stats: Offense Runs Well on Senior Day

Shooting percentage doesn't tell the entire story.

Efficiency Stats: What a Difference a Half Makes

Second half gets ugly for the Illini in Ann Arbor.

PSU Efficiency: Not How, But How Many

One benefit of so many fouls? Better efficiency numbers.

Illini Defense Dominates Efficiency Stats

Offense just average, but defense great in Evanston.

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