Summer Camp 2013 gets closer

Summer Camp 2013 gets closer

Summer Camp Music Festival has just finished with their third round of artist announcements, and they held some good names back til the very end (the third round includes The Wailers, Medeski, Martin, and Wood, Everyone Orchestra, The Coop, Afternoon Moon, Caravan of Thieves, and many other crowd favorites). It's an eccentric list that spans all genres under the sun, a testament to the variety one can enjoy at Summer Camp. Here's some tracks from a few of the newly announced artists.

1. --Thanks to beograund on YouTube for this. Medeski, Martin, and Wood live from 2005.

2. A big thank you to Allyn Halsey on YouTube. The Everyone Orchestra in Asheville, NC on 3/9/13.

3. Afternoon Moon posted this video themselves. A haunting recording of "Can't Sleep a Wink".

There's a lot to look forward to this summer, musically speaking. Summer Camp of course, Wakarusa down in Arkansas, Phish and Snarky Puppy in Chicago, Bonnaroo, and Shoe Fest to wind it all down at the end. See you all on the road!


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