Musicology (April 2013)

Musicology (April 2013)

News on Shoe Fest 2013

It's only April, but the buzz is already building over Shoe Fest in September. The second tier of tickets is already almost sold out, with the third tier going on sale tonight at midnight (currently $55 for a three-day pass, $65 after midnight--not a bad deal at all).

Rainy Day Playlist

With the downpour that's been going on in Charleston for the past few days, I've been inside listening to a ton of music while doing homework, and I made what I consider a great rainy day playlist. I've tried to include something for fans of all genres, and I hope readers find something new here. Happy listening.

1. "Spine of a Dog"--moe.

2. "Jolene"--Cake

Old Shoe returns to Chuck Vegas

Charleston, put your dancing shoes on and get ready to celebrate the arrival of spring with the return of those gentlemen of the road; that's right, after stints in Colorado, Old Shoe will be back at Mac's Uptowner this coming Sat., 4/27. Anyone who was there last time knows all about it, it was a killer night filled with delectable musical treats.

The Sheepdogs' "Learn and Burn"

A good friend of mine recently recommended the Sheepdogs to me. I finally had the time today to give them a real listen, and I am so glad I did.

Little People's "We Are But Hunks of Wood"

Electronic music has come to dominate a lot of music scenes lately. While it can be an awesome thing to behold, electronic music always comes with the catch that there may not be any actual talent behind the "artist". Not so with Little People.