Little People's "We Are But Hunks of Wood"

Little People's "We Are But Hunks of Wood"

Electronic music has come to dominate a lot of music scenes lately. While it can be an awesome thing to behold, electronic music always comes with the catch that there may not be any actual talent behind the "artist". Not so with Little People. "We Are But Hunks of Wood" is a downtempo funktronica chill session with bits of that winter-in-the-city feel, that forlorn, pensive beauty in late November. The layers of effects compliment each other perfectly, with echoing swoops under righteous bass (see the track "Marzipan Children") and all the glorious noise you could hope for. It's reminiscent of Emancipator in the way that while it sounds simple, every listen reveals something new. Little bleeps or cascades of synth-brass and strings keep you into it the whole time; the music almost sounds improvised, the way the different melodies slide in and out focus, all moving in one fluid direction. The song "Makemebetter" has a legitimate groove, drizzling some funk sauce over a sparkling synth melody. "Fairwell" starts out with bright, twinkling piano that blends into deep cello hums before building to a magnificent peak. It's not EDM, which is nice. It's just good, relaxing electronic music. I would recommend it to fans of Beach House, Emancipator, and Django Django. 

Also, the music video for "Offal Waffle" (another standout on the album) is one of the coolest I've seen in a while. It can be found at Little People's Facebook:

Check it out, I don't think you'll be disappointed.


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