An Interview with Matt Robinson of Old Shoe

An Interview with Matt Robinson of Old Shoe

Somehow in the flurry of activity coming his way, Matt Robinson of Old Shoe (vocals, guitar) was kind enough to answer a few questions about the band and life on the road.


AH: You guys already have a couple albums out, and are working on a third if I'm not mistaken. What new territory does the new album explore, and has it been difficult to keep coming up with material while constantly touring?

MR: Lots of new territory. We dove further into the bluegrass arena. We did some acoustic shows(which we'll also be doing at one of our Summer Camp sets) this last winter, and we purposely learned a bunch of old bluegrass standards. I feel like that really played a nice role in influencing some our newer tunes. Also, we have some exciting progressive material on the album. I feel like when Greg joined the band, that side of us really started to flourish. That stuff is a blast to play. As far as finding a balance between playing out a lot, recording, and writing...well that's definitely a learning process, which we're adapting to. I will say though, the best thing to come out of that long stretch of shows is our growth in chemistry as a band and as a collective improvisational unit.

AH: You recently played in Colorado for the first time I believe. What was it like heading out west to a different crowd in a new environment?

Golden memories. It was an absolute blast. We did a good job of getting the word out about those shows. We had a lot of great help and support. We were beyond flattered that numerous car loads of Shoe Fam made the journey with us. We'll be back, defintely.

AH: You have quite the track record of festival appearances (looking forward to two sets at Summer Camp this year!), including your own Shoe Fest. How does it feel to have made it all happen, the musician's dream come true?

MR: And Wakarusa! Lots to look forward to. Lots to be grateful for. I love this band.

AH: Who are some of your favorite artists, or what new tunes have you been listening to lately?

MR: I can't stop listening to Broken Bells "Mall and Misery"...I think I annoy the rest of the gang, cause every after party i play it.

AH: What's the most difficult thing for you as band regarding life on the road?

Eating healthy, getting rest, and most of all missing our families.

AH: When you have a night where you don't really like playing (I'm sure it's happened once, right?), what is your strategy to get back in the zone and get on stage and rock it?

MR: If I'm in a funk, I tell myself get over yourself. People came to see us play and have a good time. Usually works.

AH: Where would you like to see the band in five years?

MR: I'd like to see us at a level where we have good balance in our lives, with our families and passions both getting the necessary amount of love that they deserve. And of course, back at Summer Camp and back in the studio.


I'm sure we'll see them at much bigger places in five years. I for one can't wait to see their two sets at Summer Camp in just a few days. I better see some of you there!


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