Ragefest 2016!

Ragefest 2016!

Festival season is in full swing! All over the country people are traveling hundreds of miles, enduring adverse weather, and sleeping on the hard ground, all to see the music they love. It’s a great community that provides an escape from the drudgery of daily existence and memories for a lifetime.

The big festivals tend to get all the attention as they draw the biggest acts, but some of the best experiences can be found in the nooks and crannies all over America. One such festival is next weekend (June 24-26) and just down the road in southern Illinois: Ragefest! Entering its fourth year, this up-and-coming festival is seeking to make a name for itself, and it is really stepping up its game this year.

Nestled around Freedom Lake in Waterloo, Ragefest has a plethora of music and visual arts to satisfy those looking for the festival experience but have grown weary of huge crowds and endless lines. Last year featured artists such as Candlefish, Jaik Willis, The Driftaways, Under the Willow, and EGi, to name a few. This year, the lineup sees some return performances such as Jaik Willis and The Driftaways, as well as hard-rocking, hard-touring classic rock act The Monolithic, artist as large Steven Kaufman (formerly of Copecetic), ClusterPluck, and Porch Fire. For a full lineup list, check out the website: http://rage-fest.com/index.html. Expect a spicy blend of classic rock, jam bands, roots, funk, reggae, and bluegrass; also, most of the bands performing will be supporting new albums, so there will be lots of new material and fired-up bands ready to shred!

In addition, Intrinsic Arts performance troupe will be displaying their fire poi skills as well as bringing stilt walkers to add to the unique ambience. Ragefest has also expanded from being two days into a full-fledged three-day event, giving fans another full day of tunes and relaxation. There will be local food vendors, a wide variety of artisans, and Hippie Daze will be providing a hookah lounge to escape from the heat of the day and unwind. Just to keep it outside the box, there will also be kung fu sword performances (including late night lightsaber shows!). Ragefest goes out of its way to be more than a music and camping festival; no matter your taste, there is something for you to enjoy.

Having experienced Ragefest last summer, I can attest to the tranquility of the campground (the ducks up by the main entrance were a highlight for staff and fans alike), the quality of the music, and the picturesque camping areas (everything from primitive tent camping on up to full-on RV spots complete with full hookups). If you haven’t seen anything so far that entices you, there is also fishing offered at the onsite pond. Nothing quite like fishing with bands playing and a cold beer.

So if you’re a fan of live music, art, camping, fishing, and altogether unique experiences, come check out Ragefest! Next weekend, just a few hours down the road. For ticket details, volunteering info, and any other questions you may have, head on over to the festival website: http://rage-fest.com/index.html. All of your questions and more will be answered. Hopefully you can make it out, it’s gonna be a rager!

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