Musicology (July 2016)

Musicology (July 2016)

Interview with Chase Baby

I’ve written a great deal about local artists here on my column, and with good reason. Our CU music scene is a burgeoning hotbed perfectly situated to give artists a diverse mix of influence and inspiration.

Why You Should Go to LOCKN' This Year

Here we are, smack in the middle of the summer music season. We've seen festivals big and small, local bands touring all over the country, and new artists from hip-hop to folk, funk to bluegrass, jam band to electro and everything in between.

Bonesstock 2016!

 There is a gratuitous amount of music going on all around us.

Farmer and the Shoe Tomorrow Night

This summer has been a whirlwind of insane music performances, from Phish and Dead and Co. on their respective tours to festivals both titanic and microscopic. Many of these bigger tour dates feature pre and post-show events as well, and both local and touring artists are putting together innovative tributes to these legendary musical figures.