Interview with Chase Baby

Interview with Chase Baby

I’ve written a great deal about local artists here on my column, and with good reason. Our CU music scene is a burgeoning hotbed perfectly situated to give artists a diverse mix of influence and inspiration. We have bluegrass, funk, psychedelic, hip-hop, electronic, classical, folk, avant-garde, and every genre I forgot about right here in our backyards, and every year we see more and more musicians coming into their own and producing quality material.

One of the up-and-comers who did CU proud at Summer Camp this year was Chase Baby, who took to the Camping Stage at the festival early on Saturday morning with another local hero, Truth AKA Trouble, for their Trouble Chasin’ show, which garnered rave reviews and had people talking all weekend.

I spoke with Chase about his new EP, Opium Den, and he had some valuable insight as an emerging talent. Check it:

AH: "First off, what can you tell me about your new EP?"
CB: "A lot of previous works have been very fast paced and intense. The creative process behind all that, as fulfilling as it may be, is also draining. I titled the EP Opium Den because when the California Gold Rush came, lots of opium dens began popping up in civilized areas. They acted as deep relaxation mediums for people who were working grueling hours at an intense pace. I’m really relaxed and at peace with myself on this project, and it shows."

AH: "What inspired you to get into music? Was it a bolt of lightning type situation or was it more gradual?"
CB: "It began as early as 2 for me. I had a tape player glued to me at all times. I wasn’t even literate at that point but my mom would take my tapes out of their cases and spread them across the floor. I’d get so flippin’ mad, then look at the case, and afterwards I’d find the coordinating tape til the wreckage was all back to normal. Cool story but total vibe wrecker, haha.

That passion for music spawned into poetry and freestyling around six years old. I began recording myself at 14, and now we’ve got this big ol’ hunk of man you see today."

AH: "Songwriters often have multiple sources of inspiration, and it comes from all around. What have been some of your most profound sources?"
CB: "Most of my lyrics are introspective and therapeutic. I use it to further my bond with myself. To know myself in and out and feed my creativity organically while making something that others can relate to, that is something I pride myself on. Some people aren’t as gifted with transcribing their thoughts and emotions experienced into words/phrases they can grasp easier.

However, I also write from an observational perspective as well. Taking what I see and looking deeper into it. This can be anything from social behavior to foreign affairs and everything in between."

AH: "Is there anything outside the box you would like to do with your style of music? Any unorthodox projects, etc.?"
CB: "I really want to record a live project. Full band, Rage Against the Machine meets Kid Cudi type of music. Outside of that I really dabble all over the place with my sound and craft. I’m very versatile when it comes to switching up flows and rhyme schemes."

AH: "What would you like to see happen in the hip-hop scene in the future?
CB: Credit where it’s due, to the highest degree. Plain and simple.

Also less leather, that’d be tight.

You can get my music, including Opium Den, at
Twitter: @YoungManMister"

Chase Baby is just one of the rising stars to come out of this town in the last few years, and he’s doing us proud with his solo work and collaborations equally, and you should do yourself a favor and check out his material. It’s always good to see people come into their own, and the continuing testament to our music culture is something we should all be overjoyed with. Make sure to look him up on Twitter to see when he’ll be playing near you, and happy listening.


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