Local Charity Show Tonight

Local Charity Show Tonight

Anyone who reads my column regularly knows I like to brag about the quality of our music scene in the CU, not only because of the sheer diversity and talent, but the quality of the people creating. Lately we’ve all had a bit of a wake-up call; we need to help each other out, and people just aren’t being excellent to each other anymore. Luckily there are people like local resident John McNally, who puts on a monthly charity show in his own home, with 100% of the proceeds going towards a different cause each month.

A man of the people, McNally (in addition to his musicianship) leads seminars on organic farming, composting, environmentally-friendly methods of energy production, and is just generally a top-of-the-line individual. His music touches on a variety of genres, never lingering too long on one idea, and often involving a strong visual component.

Tomorrow just so happens to be this month’s show, and the proceeds will be going towards Rosecrance ,which in McNally’s words is “…an organization that helps people get access to drug and alcohol treatment regardless of their ability to pay. Ananda Linda, a yoga center, is a sober, all-ages safe space. The Conscious House Concert series happens monthly, we feature local musicians and 100% of the proceeds go to local charities.”

Just in case you’re concerned there’s no real impact, McNally says: “So far we have helped a Syrian refugee, Eastern Illinois Food Bank, and Education Justice Project. We offer an equitable experience for the performer and audience by providing a space for the artist to be heard without background clutter (like the usual bar listening experience). The audience gets an intimate performance and the chance to interact with the artist. There is no barrier between artist and audience.”

In 2016, it can be easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour of gigantic productions and massive festivals, but sometimes the diamonds in the rough are literally in your backyard. So if you’re not quite sure what to do tomorrow night, why not check out the Conscious House Concert? See some real talent from right here in your community while helping out someone in need.

More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1654940321488309/


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