Moon Taxi at the Canopy!

Moon Taxi at the Canopy!

The Canopy has a lot of different music every year, from EDM to funk, bluegrass to hip hop, and everything in between. This Saturday, Nashville-based prog-jam outfit Moon Taxi comes to the stage, with their upbeat dancy space jams.

I recently saw Moon Taxi for the first time at LOCKN’ Festival in Virginia, after wanting to see them for a few years. A friend of mine played me the song “Gimme a Light” from their album Melodica, and I was intrigued. I began listening to them regularly, relishing the soaring jams and the catchiness of the material. The vocals are top notch and it all flows very nicely. The guitar is a joy to listen to and the keys tie it all together. Their newest album, Daybreaker, is awesome as well and a good place for new listeners. 

Moon Taxi doesn’t stick to just one genre either, with psychedelic hues crashing into disco beats, piano-heavy jazz funk, and sparkling space rock, often within the same song. They’re a ton of fun to watch; the kind of band that’s just all over the place. They really feed off each other’s energy and that of the crowd, of course. The spiraling dual guitars take you on a trip into the stratosphere, and the drums are waves crashing on the beach.

I’m stoked to see Moon Taxi here at the Canopy, on home turf. They've been on Letterman, Conan, and Seth Meyers, so it’ll be cool to see them up close and personal. I highly recommend coming out to the show. The guitars screech and wail, the drums rage and roar, the bass thuds and slaps, and the keys drench everything in neon jazz.

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