New Lettuce EP - Mt. Crushmore

New Lettuce EP - Mt. Crushmore

Funk music is some of the most entertaining stuff out there. Brash and boisterous, it always gets you up out of your seat and grooving. Add in a dash of psychedelia and you have my full attention! Now that I’ve set the scene, let’s talk about Lettuce’s new EP, Mt. Crushmore.

Clocking in at right around 22 minutes, the seven-song EP is full of the kind of masterful jam-funk we’ve come to expect from the Boston group; songs like the title track, “Elephant Walk”, and the various interludes showcase Lettuce’s ability to flow between jazz, funk, psych, and jam effortlessly, while keeping the music in your face and upbeat.

As is the case with so many groups these days, one of the real treats with this album is imagining how the songs will be stretched out in a live setting. Lettuce’s live shows are energetic, bombastic affairs, full of dynamic interplay between the horn section (which really shines on Mt. Crushmore), the pounding, furious drums, and the dance-provoking organ.

One aspect of Mt. Crushmore that stood out to me was its movie soundtrack vibe, which could feature as the score of the credits in a Tarantino intro, the montage music in a sports flick, or a ‘70s drug escapade in the vein of Blow. The song “Ransome” moves fluidly through some hip-hop beats and drops you on your head. That’s going to be a fiery one in live shows.

Lettuce is one of the most fun bands you can see live these days, and their studio efforts always strong albums showcasing a variety of hard-hitting styles centered around the glorious funk tradition. So check out Mt. Crushmore, you’ll be happy you did!


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