TAUK Launches Spring Tour

TAUK Launches Spring Tour

One of the hottest bands around right now is TAUK. Their cosmic spitfire of technically complex, instrumental jazz-metal fusion grabs you by the brain and shakes you around until you’re blissfully disoriented and frantically searching for the rest of their material. Their most recent album, Sir Nebula, is a cohesive 12-song LP of intense and refreshing music with icy crisp production. Add to that a heavy dose of improvisation and a crushing live show, and you have a recipe for a soon-to-be household name in the music world.

As of this writing, TAUK has just launched a nationwide tour, playing local venues from North Carolina to California, all the way up to major festivals such as Summer Camp, LOCKN’, Okeechobee, Electric Forest, and Resonance. Their singular brand of shredding, electrifying progressive instrumental jam music is unparalleled in the intensity and songwriting, and with each album they’ve earned their place among the most anticipated shows in the scene.

If you’re a fan of live music, and especially intricate, demanding music with dazzling improvisation all over the place, TAUK is for you. You can find details of their tour here: http://www.taukband.com/shows/. Their nearest stop in the immediate future is the Bottom Lounge in Chicago on Saturday, March 11. If you can make it up there, don’t miss out. TAUK puts on an incredibly entertaining show; they’re consummate musicians who take their craft seriously and deliver invigorating and thrashing performances. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.



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