Interview With David New of The Hip Abduction

Interview With David New of The Hip Abduction

The Hip Abduction is one of the bands I’m looking forward to seeing for the first time at Summer Camp next week. Their mixture of soaring vocal melodies and tropical guitars lends itself well to their penchant for sparkling world-music-flavored dance tunes. Lead guitarist/vocalist David New was kind enough to give me some insight into the inner workings of the group.

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First and foremost, the music of The Hip Abduction is distinctly joyous, inflected with instrumentation and rhythms of a wide range of styles from all over the world. As New explains, “Most of my attraction to world music started with Paul Simon’s Graceland album when I was a kid, and then I moved on to Malian blues and South African township. We are constantly consuming new music, and technology allows you to have almost any music from anywhere.” That is certainly the case, as Spotify, Pandora, etc. allow listeners to soak in vibes from all across the planet.

This kind of accessibility to new tunes can be a double-edged sword though, and New was quick to point out one of the tools for success as a relatively new member of an oversaturated market like the music industry: “It is really important to have a solid team of people you can rely on day in and day out. Surround yourself with positive people.” That emphasis on positivity shines through in their music and is an invaluable tool for aspiring musicians, both in terms of songwriting and the business side of the industry.

Speaking of the business-oriented aspects of music, New explained one of the more difficult tasks facing artists today, especially in the age of the internet where everything is lightning quick: “Holding an album to prepare for release is really tough, but you need to get the right mechanism behind it. Who knew vinyl takes so long to press? The press side of things is pretty daunting. It takes several months to prep before you even release a single.”

So what goes into the music before it’s ready for the public? I asked New if he could walk me through the songwriting process, and he obliged: “Usually it starts with a chord progression that we are inspired by. I need to be moved by just the music before we can continue, even before the melody. Then several hooks are laid down over the course of a few weeks until we exhaust all options. Once the vocal hook is laid down, we then start the process of writing lyrics and building the song backwards where the hook is complemented. It’s very rare that we write lyrics first.”

All this talk about the timing of a music release and how the songs of The Hip Abduction come together made me wonder if the band had ended up where they initially envisioned it going. As New elucidates, “[Our music] definitely started out as something different. It wasn’t until the second release that we realized where the music was heading. I think it takes 3-5 years before bands really know where their music is going.” I found that very interesting, because most bands do develop over time, and different songs appeal to different fans. I just thought it was a very intriguing aspect of music that I hadn’t considered before.

One of the most refreshing bands I’ve heard lately, The Hip Abduction presents uplifting, soothing music that embodies the spirit of an event like Summer Camp and physically relieves stress. Catch them at the festival on the Camping Stage on Friday, May 26, from 11:00 at night until midnight.

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