Musicology (June 2017)

Musicology (June 2017)

New Orleans, funk, and more: A Chat with Naughty Professor

Coming in hot out of New Orleans is Naughty Professor, a horn-driven funktastic six-piece. They’re making waves all over the scene, having just played Summer Camp and Taste of Randolph.

In Depth with Bassel Almadani of Bassel and the Supernaturals

Music is one of the most effective communication tools in humanity’s arsenal; it removes the tension and adverse circumstantial aspects of other forms of messaging, and people can get lost in a song and be inspired by the message. Bassel and the Supernaturals, a Chicago-based seven-piece soul-funk outfit, are on the scene with their piercing, radiant songwriting and a point to make.

Behind the Scenes with Organ Freeman

Organ Freeman, a jazztastic, high-octane funk fusion trio from L.A., is one of the most riveting acts in a while. Slinky guitar and organ melodies splash over dynamite drums; it threatens to spiral out of control at times and when it’s over, you can’t help but listen again.

Summer Camp Chat with Aqueous

Hailing from Buffalo, NY, is Aqueous, a head-turning band combining skilled songwriting with extra-crunchy jams and a strong community vibe. Their heavier, technically-demanding take on jam music combines swirling guitar leads, epic drums and bass, and splashing keys into tight-knit song construction with loose, flowing jams that take you on a rockin' trip.

Sitting Down with Mungion at Summer Camp 2017

Chicago has always been a hotbed of killer music. One of the most riveting new players on the scene is Mungion, with stellar chops, inventive song structure, and the ability to pay homage to their influences without sounding dull or repetitive. I sat down with the boys at Summer Camp to chat for a bit, and they had some interesting insights into their world.