LANY: Strong Dream-Pop Debut

LANY: Strong Dream-Pop Debut

Coming in out of L.A., three-piece dream-pop trio LANY’s debut album is making waves all over the world. Comprised of Paul Klein, Les Priest, and Jake Goss, LANY has been working hard and playing harder, performing 117 shows in 12 countries last year alone. Their mashing of ‘80s synths, contemporary melodies, and relatable themes have helped propel them into the upper echelons of rising pop stars.

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The music, while upbeat and soulful, certainly has a dreary feel to it, the kind of gloom you’d see in a movie featuring a rainy car drive through a major city. Not dreary in the sense of melancholy or sadness, but just a sort of weariness with the way things are; it sets LANY’s music apart just a bit from the slew of nonstop party anthems.

In terms of pop music, while there may not be anything groundbreaking or unheard of on LANY, there is enough that’s refreshing and it’s not over-produced and in-your-face. In contrast to some of today’s radio pop music, it’s laid-back, melodic, and pensive, perfect for background music at work, driving tunes, or the soundtrack to your next small party.

With the pop music world being so oversaturated these days, it can be hard to strike a chord with fans and keep them coming back for more without the power of a huge name behind you. LANY, it would seem, have begun the process of establishing themselves as a powerhouse pop trio in the years to come, with glittering, delicate melodies meshed with light, bouncing production and a sincerity that auto-tune somehow lacks.


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