The Place to Be: Ween Tour Opener In St. Louis 6/2/18

The Place to Be: Ween Tour Opener In St. Louis 6/2/18

Heading on down to St. Louis tomorrow night is the one and only Ween. The legendary quintet will take the stage at The Pageant and kick off their summer tour with a bang. The show has been sold out for weeks and is a hotly anticipated jumping off point for the tour, with people coming from all over the country.

Ween’s sound is well known at this point to be far-reaching and ever-changing; their sporadic method of announcing tour dates only makes their already rabid fan base champ at the base that much more, eager to take in their next high-octane punk rock psych fest. Their live performances are titanic slabs of squelching guitars, thunderous drums, earth-shaking vocals and fluid, jazzy keys. Often playing for over two hours (with no break), Ween leaves it all on the stage every single time.

With a career spanning 30+ years, legions of devoted fans, and two years of post-reunion touring under their belt, Ween is at the top of their game, crushing shows and festivals all over the country. So far, this summer tour takes them from Missouri to Colorado, from Pennsylvania to Oregon, Ohio to New York and Vermont, spreading the word of the Boognish high and low, near and far.

In the St. Louis area, there is one place that is the hot ticket for Saturday, and that is The Pageant, hosting some of the most unique songwriters and performers of the past 20 years. If you haven’t seen them for yourself, get on out there and don’t miss Ween this summer. See you in St. Louis tomorrow night!


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