Cornfield Waves is a Midwest Triumph

Cornfield Waves is a Midwest Triumph

Local hip-hop hero Truth AKA Trouble has unleashed his latest work on us: Cornfield Waves. As he continues his climb to the top, his style continues to evolve and expand on what hip-hop can be, and he brings a surge of vitality and restless energy to the music scene here in town.

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The first thing you notice about Cornfield Waves is the epic scope yet relatable material. The production is nice and crisp, with a grandiose feel and just enough left-field melodic choices to keep things nice and loose. The lyrics deal with pain, loss, gratitude, hard work, alienation, reinvention, and so much more. Truth AKA Trouble jumps from topic to topic with lightning speed, but never before an idea is fully fleshed out. It’s a remarkable skill that more artists could do well to emulate.

Once you’ve absorbed the initial blast, the most difficult part of the record sets in: trying to follow along with Truth AKA Trouble’s dizzying pace and introspective lyrics. One aspect missing from the majority of radio hip-hop is the capacity for reflection; on Cornfield Waves, it is on full display. Although it’s long been a staple of his music, the track “WWYD” specifically asks how the listener would handle success (“a future covered in gold”). We all like to think we would handle ourselves with grace if we were to undergo a dramatic uptick in our circumstances, but Truth AKA Trouble makes you really think about how realistic that is.

This is not to say there aren’t some laid-back party tracks here as well. The title track in particular is easy to imagine blasting out of nightclubs and bars on summer nights, with some excellent humor thrown in as well. The shift in attitude on the song showcases Truth AKA Trouble’s ability to adapt his tone and cover a wide range of subjects. The guest artists blend seamlessly with his material as well, bringing a real dose of truth and trouble from a solid crew of Midwest musicians.

If you’ve grown weary of the current bland, ultimately pointless radio hip-hop, and you’re looking for something different, check out Cornfield Waves. Truth AKA Trouble is only going to get bigger, and when he is, you’re going to want to be able to say you heard his music back in the day.

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