Pitchfork's Midwinter Poised to Heat Up Chicago

Pitchfork's Midwinter Poised to Heat Up Chicago

Winter has arrived, friends, and with it, life can seem to grind to a halt. Ice freezes over the roads, blankets barricade any areas where warmth might escape, and we all hunker down for the big chill. Regular readers will know I often recommend music to help us get through these cold months. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous this winter, head on up to Pitchfork’s Midwinter Festival, held at the Chicago Art Institute, from February 15-17.

From the event website: “For three nights in mid-February, 30+ musical acts will take over nearly every space in the Art Institute, performing within and among the museum’s world-renowned and wide-ranging collection.”

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The music is all in the decidedly psychedelic vein, whether it’s British shoegazers Slowdive, William Basinski in one of his two unique performances over the weekend, Chicago natives Tortoise performing their seminal album TNT in full, Animal Collective member Panda Bear, jazz virtuoso Kamasi Washington, or the self-described “ambient punk” of Deerhunter.

Like any music festival, there are other attractions, such as live interviews and broadcasts from Pitchfork Radio, food and drink, the exhibits of the museum itself, and pre-recorded original works from Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Julia Holter, and more, to accompany the exhibits all weekend long.

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Featuring singular performances from artists of all genres, a unique setting, and coming right at the moment when the frozen tundra of Chicago can appear most bleak, Midwinter will provide a much-needed dose of heat to the season. Hopefully I’ll see you there!

Lineup, schedule, tickets, and more can be found at the event website: https://midwinter.pitchfork.com/

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