Canadian Indie: Dan Mangan Stopping in at Schuba's Tonight

Canadian Indie: Dan Mangan Stopping in at Schuba's Tonight

If you’re in Chicago tonight, stop by Schuba’s to take in a performance from one of our neighbors to the North: Canadian indie singer/songwriter Dan Mangan is coming through, with some new material for us to enjoy.

On his newest LP, More or Less, Mangan gets very personal in subject matter, dealing with birth and rebirth, the fragility of life, the uncertainty of the current moment, and the roiling unpredictability of the future and raising a new generation within that larger context.

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Pangs of heartache and hopeful longing reverberate throughout the record, with singles “Cold In The Summer,” “Just Fear,” and “Troubled Mind” anchoring the release. As Mangan put it in a press release, “Cold In The Summer” is the “quarter-life crisis….the mid-30s father feeling simultaneously conflicted about having retired the wild young adventurer within and also overwhelmed with appreciation for the privilege and good fortunate he has been afforded. I literally got a cold in the summer and I thought ‘this is dumb, I’m getting soft.’”

Another aspect Mangan made clear was important to him was the personal nature of this newest album. Also from his press statement: “I wrote about warmth. I wrote about the feeling of building something when I was young, and the fear of losing it as an adult. I wrote about feeling overwhelmed. I wrote about being in love with someone with whom I spend a lot of time figuring out who is more deserving of a nap. I wrote about the power of what goes unsaid. More or less, I wrote about myself.”

Don’t miss Dan Mangan at Schuba’s tonight!

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